Eneas 3D Stitcher™ is a realistic cloth simulation system based on real fabric characteristics. Designers, pattern makers, and retailers can visualise any pattern modifications instantly in full 3D.  Eneas 3D Stitcher™ in combination with Eneas Shaper™ allows the creation of realistic knitted garments and represents the best approach of virtual prototyping and communication for the seamless industry.

IThe interactive Eneas 3D Viewer™ allows visualisation on a 3D garment, using simple drag and drop, textures, colourways, yarns, created with Eneas Colourways™, Eneas ChangeYarn™ and Eneas YarnMaker™ and with a click of the mouse translate, scale or rotate them. Eneas 3D Stitcher™ includes a highly detailed parametric mannequin with over 40 precise adjustable body measurements. Users can create specific base size mannequins, saving a great amount of time during fittings.  Using Eneas 3D Stitcher™  will reduce product development time, cost of multiple trials of sample garment production, enhance quality of products due to use of accurate modelling system, analyse fabric behaviour, proof-fitting assumptions, and provide a graphical collaboration tool for all involved in the product development process. It also provides an excellent tool for sales and merchandising, with easy to use virtual storyboards.


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