Design ideas developed using Eneas Designer, garment simulations or colourways can be presented using Eneas PageStudio™
, a Storyboard program which enables high quality creative montage. Eneas PageStudio™ is a page make-up program allowing new design ideas in the form of sketches, photographic images, seasonal sourcing information, colour shade cards, bar-codes, logos, text and tables to be compiled together onto one page.
Editing tools to create the page layout include the image dimensions, margins in either millimetres, inches or pixels, the working resolution, positioning of the images and accurate colour matching for printing. Images can be positioned in any number of ways, with overlays, transparencies and soft merging effects with coloured, shaded grounds.
Once the new page has been completed, depending on needs, it can be output directly to a printer, converted to a standard file format or converted as colour separation files to go directly to print production.